Child Development Research Institute

Child Development Research Institute

office. Child Development Research Institute
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director. Myungsoon Kim, Ph.D.

The Child Development Research Institute, founded in 1974 by the department of Child and Family Studies (CFS), College of Human Ecology, intends to promote research in child development and to provide a demonstration program for early childhood education. The program's specific objectives are (1) to help children develop to their full potential, (2) to provide parent education and family counseling, and (3) to conduct teacher training.


1. Preschool Programs


2. Special Programs

In addition to preschool programs, CDRI presents special programs, such as "Mother/Father and baby class" and the "Science camp for 1st through 3rd grades"


3. Adult Education Programs

CDRI offers a number of parent education programs for the parents of CDRI and continuing education programs for preschool teachers, including workshops and seminars.


4. Counselling Programs

Counselling programs are provided to preschool and primary school children, as well as to their families.


5. Research and Publication

CDRI conducts various action research projects and organize seminars. CDRI develops and publishes numerous instruction materials for early childhood education, text books, booklet for parents, and educational films.