Curriculum : UnderGraduate Courses

subject course
Explorer Understanding & Creating Space
Basic Principles of Interior Architecture and Design, Housing Planning, Residential Design Studio
Elective Common Basic Drawing for Space Design, Practice for Space Design, Drawing & Graphics, Digital Design Studio I, Digital Design Studio II, Introduction to Digital Design, Interior Structure and Materials, Indoor Environment Quality, Human Behavior and Spatial Environment, Professional Practices and Internship, Ergonomics & Design, Research Methodology, Professional Communication
Housing Residential Architecture Design Studio I, Housing Management & Remodeling, Housing and Living System, Housing, Culture and Society, Introduction to Korean Housing, Residential Architecture Design Studio II, Housing Construction and Building Management, Indoor Environment Control System, Modern Housing Architecture
Interior Design History of Interior Design, Interior Architecture Design Studio I, Interior Architecture Design Studio II, Color and Environment, Facility Management & Design, Future Living Space, Lighting and Design, Modern Interior Architecture and Design, Integrative Environmental Design Studio
Required Integrated Graduation Project

Understanding & Creating Space 3credits
Methods of spatial construction and various design principles for architecture and interior design.
Principles of Interior Architecture and Design 3credits
An Introduction to the Basic concepts and language of design and the principles for creating a life space.
Housing Planning 3credits
Understanding principles of housing planning and interior space planning, and analyzing design cases based on them.
Basic Drawing for Space Design 3credits
Introduction to basic presentation techniques through drawing practice in space design.
Practice for Space Design 3credits
Practicing space design through learning principles of three-dimensional space.
Drawing & Graphics 3credits
Design and virtual communication techniques related to architecture and interior.l
History of Interior Design 3credits
An introduction to the history of interiors from ancient times to the present.
Digital Design Studio I 3credits
Exploring effective computer uses in the design studio. Learn skills to use computer graphics software and peripherals.
Residential Design Studio 6credits
Learning components and principles of design practice starting from preliminary stage to final stage of design.
Research Methodology 3credits
Research methods to scientifically examine and analyze problems in housing and interior design.
Residential Architecture Design Studio I 3credits
The procedure and method of planning housing by collecting and analyzing the basic date available for housing. Apartment planning and design methods.
Digital Design Studio II 3credits
Learning computer graphics rendering and animation skills.
Housing Management & Remodeling 3credits
Introduction to the long-range plan for the maintenance and management of a multifamily housing complex.
Introduction to Digital Design 3credits
Introduction to the characteristics and the philosophy of visual realism based on creating cyberspaces, as well as design methods and construction skills within the cyberspace.
Interior Architecture Design Studio I 3credits
Design theory and knowledge of various types of commercial spaces with a design project.
Housing and Living System 3credits
Understanding relationships between spatial arrangement and functions in Korean housing from the living system perspectives, and learning spatial planning methods suitable for residential characteristics.
Interior Structure and Materials 3credits
Types of structures of interior architecture and principles of components and its structure composed of the structural system.
Indoor Environment Quality 3credits
Basic principles of the interior environment including heating, lighting, air, acoustics, and spatial ones. Analysis and evaluation of conditions of the interior environment in residential and work spaces based on field studies.
Interior Architecture Design Studio II 3credits
A studio which deals with skills necessary to design, analyze, and present professional interior design statements. Contents include creative problem solving and drawing skills, rendering, specification, and sample selection.
Human Behavior and Spatial Environment 3credits
A study of the interaction and relationships between the physical environment, especially the built-environment, and human perception and behavior.
Housing, Culture and Society 3credits
Family housing needs, the present social and economic conditions affecting housing, the building process, and the roles of business and government in housing.
Introduction to Korean Housing 3credits
Lectures and field trips about periodic characteristics of structures, styles, and its living culture in the Korean housing.
Professional Practices and Internship 3credits
Understanding professionals and its practices with internship programs operated at industry and research institutes related to the field of housing and interior design.
Color and Environment 3credits
Principles and applications of colors in environmental design.
Facility Management & Design 3credits
Combines management practices with the most current technical knowledge to provide human and effective institutional residence and work environments.
Ergonomics & Design 3credits
Basic theory on ergonomic and psychological characteristics of human beings. Design capability suitable for human characteristics
Integrated Graduation Project 3credits
Design practice to learn skills for designing and presenting housing design projects integrating various theories of housing and interior design.
Future Living Space 3credits
Introduction to the examples of experimental space and future housing which influence human life. Practicing housing design projects.
Lighting and Design 3credits
Understanding lighting characteristics and skills for designing lighting, based on the understanding of lighting effects and functions in various spaces.
Residential Architecture Design Studio II 3credits
An examination of the function and structure of various kinds of houses and the execution of a project.
Professional Communication 1credit
Applications of research methods to problems in the fields of housing and interior design.
Housing Construction and Building Management 3credits
Understanding managemental principles of housing construction and effective management process, methods of housing construction projects, such as feasibility studies, design, construction, and facilities management.
Indoor Environment Control System 3credits
Understanding environment control systems and facilities for environment-friendly housing.
Modern Interior Architecture and Design 3credits
Main trends in the field of interior design and design and general since the 20th century. Capability to understand modern spaces based on the analysis of design characteristics of critical spaces and designers, and to predict spaces for the future.
Modern Housing Architecture 3credits
Understanding the concept of housing designed by multimedia skills and principles of spatial construction.
Integrative Environmental Design Studio 2credits
Practicing a design project through learning diverse design paradigms with integrated design principles.