Curriculum : Graduate School

subject courses
Commonness Advanced Statistics I, Research Method in Housing and Interior Design, Indoor Air Quality Study, Merchandising in Housing and Interior Design, Electronic Design Studio I, Project Management in Design, Building Environmental Performance Evaluation, Color and Environment, Lighting and Environment, Design Management, Cyber Design Study, Space Design Computing I, II, Environmental Aesthetics, Research Methodology in Environmental Design, Theory and Practice of Future Spaces, Aging Friendly Design Industry
Housing Advanced Studies of Korean Housing, Modern Housing Architecture, Housing Market Analysis, Housing Planning and Design I, Advanced Studies of Housing Construction and Management, Housing in Different Culture, Eco Housing, Healthy Housing, Special Housing Design Studio, Planning for Community Space, Maintenance in Housing, Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency, Management of Multifamily Housing, Analysis of Public Housing Polices, Modern Housing Study, Study on Korean Traditional Housing, Housing and Energy, Comparative Studies of Housing Theory, Study on Urban Housing Environment, Research Methods for Housing Planning, Korean Housing Study, Cyber Space and Residential Design, Housing Planning and Design II
Interior Design Interior Space Analysis, Study on Interior Architectural Theory on Design Space, Advanced Principles in Interior Design, Environmental Psychology & Behavior, Facility Management and Design, Interior Design Studio I, Interior Design Studio II, Interior Space Planning, Lighting Design, Field Study of World Interiors, Design Marketing, Contemporary Design Analysis, Advanced Design in Artificial Lighting, Design Thinking Studies I, Visual Culture & Design, Interior Architectural Planning, Environment-Behavior Theory for Interior Design, Special Projects in Interior Design III, Studies in Interior Design, Special Project in Interior Design ¥³, History of Modern Interior Design, Research Methodology in Interior Design


IC516 Advanced Statistics I
Statistics for the research in the field of housing and interior design. Application of strategies and problems solving based on studying recently developed statistical processing methods.
IC518 Research Method in Housing and Interior Design
A comparative study of quantitative and qualitative method, with emphasis on research design, results, and analysis.
IC535 Indoor Air Quality Study
Measure and analyze the quality of the indoor air environment from the aspects of architecture, human, and living in housing.
IC622 Merchandising in Housing and Interior Design
Study the merchandising planning and method to implement the display and sales promotion considering the image, economics, and aesthetics of living products.
IC659 Electronic Design Studio I
Understand the concepts of various computer technologies, and have practices on application methods in design.
IC663 Project Management in Design
Understand actual material and structure of interior spaces, as well as the complex relationship between the cost of materials and the economical aspects. Develop the ability to have design productive design.
IC684 Building Environmental Performance Evaluation
Study the fundamental knowledge related to the building environment, and understand considerations needed for acquiring environmental performance in the building design through the process of evaluating them with a hypothesis related to the building performance of a specific building.
IC701 Color and Environment
Architectural and interior finishing materials are examined regarding to function and appropriateness. A systematic approach to select color in environment is studied.
IC702 Lighting and Environment
A survey of theoretical, technical, and creative concepts of lighting as an element of Environmental Design.
IC732 Design Management
This course focuses on the practice of design as a professional business, including the skills required in management, marketing of professional services, and client/contracter relationship. It prepares the student both as interior designer and as a manger of designers and/or the development of their own firm.
IC742 Cyber Design Study
Introduce the integrated approach to the design of virtual environment discuss special issues in designing cyberspace.
IC759, 760 Space Design Computing I, II
Study Space Design Process and methodologies using digital technologies, such as animation, multimedia, and VR.
IC851 Environmental Aesthetics
Study the aesthetic theory as a basis of understanding and creation of man-made spatial environments.
IC861 Research Methodology in Environmental Design
Discuss the research methodology of environmental design. Analyze and criticize methods used in research cases of environmental design field.
IC863 Theory and Practice of Future Spaces
Learn new environmental design paradigms and explore world experimental labs, future houses, and innovative futuristic spaces to enhance planning ability of future space.
IC871 Aging Friendly Design Industry
Students are expected to Learn about universal wellbeing design that supports functional loss according to aging process and enhances life quality, analyze the characteristics of successful environment¤ıproduct¤ıcontents examples in the global market, and discuss about planning strategy of future goods highly attractive in both domestic and global market.


IC511 Advanced Studies of Korean Housing
Analyze and study the living style on the Korean housing from the viewpoint of periodic concepts.
IC512 Modern Housing Architecture
Examine the broad spectrum of housing architecture since 1900 from the perspective of architectural design concept and philosophy.
IC515 Housing Market Analysis
Study the needs-supply functions of the housing market and trends of the housing industry based on analyzing political, social, and economical factors establishing the housing market.
IC532 Housing Planning and Design I
Learn theories about diverse housing planning and design methods, and study their design concepts.
IC534 Advanced Studies of Housing Construction and Management
Study the housing construction and effective management process, methods of housing construction projects.
IC613 Housing in Different Culture
Compare and review diverse housing types that exist in many different culture, and systemize concepts of living and culture in housing.
IC620 Eco Housing
Analyze and study the sustainable aspects in planning and design of housing.
IC626 Healthy Housing
Analyze environmental factors for dwelling in the relations with human and the environmental system in order to maintain the health-safety and pleasant living environment, and perform case studies.
IC628 Special Housing Design Studio
Learn the creative design thinking ability, design skills, and presentation techniques through design projects.
IC632 Planning for Community Space
Introduce principles and techniques of site planning for the layout of buildings and additional facilities, and have some design exercises.
IC634 Maintenance in Housing
Case studies on faults and maintenance for physical structures and equipments in house in terms of housing facility management.
IC635 Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency
Measure and analyze various conditions of the indoor thermal environment from the aspects of human - thermal environment system with energy efficiency problem.
IC642 Management of Multifamily Housing
Understand the roles, functions, and work scopes of experts specializing in multifamily housing, study the cases regarding the facility management of pleasant large-scale housing development.
IC652 Analysis of Public Housing Polices
Evaluate the current situations of public politics, related to housing, regulation, codes, and programs.
IC683 Modern Housing Study
Study the design directions related in future housing design concepts. Analyze the historical tracks and systematically review the planning theory of the 20 century multi-family housing. And finally analyze design trends of multi-family housing in the cultural perspective.
IC711 Study on Korean Traditional Housing
Study the structure, style, spatial characteristics of traditional Korean housing. Discuss creative modernizing methods of traditional housing on the basis of its design rules(or laws/or regulation) and theories.
IC712 Housing and Energy
Study the physical aspects including the structures, material, and equipments that are energy-efficient, and the human behavioral aspects.
IC725 Comparative Studies of Housing Theory
Study of the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean housing.
IC737 Study on Urban Housing Environment
Analyze urban habitat, identity the complex relationships of density and diversity, site fabric and design principles.
IC740 Research Methods for Housing Planning
Study the concepts and analytical methods of housing design and facility equipment planning, and also study design practices.
IC753 Korean Housing Study
Survey the use trends of dwelling spaces in the viewpoint of the composition of dwelling spaces responding to occupant's living styles, and analyze the principles of functions and compositions of spaces.
IC758 Cyber Space and Residential Design
Review the newly emerging concept of cyberspace and digital technologies related, and study applications in housing planning and design.
IC864 Housing Planning and Design II
Learn theories about diverse housing planning and design methods, and study their design concepts.

Interior Design

IC528 Interior Space Analysis
Study theories and methods of analyzing all the characteristics of specific interior spaces. Analyze and criticize actual interior spaces.
IC531 Study on Interior Architectural Theory on Design Space
Study space concepts of interior architecture in the aspects of philosophy, fine arts and science.
IC551 Advanced Principles in Interior Design
Study the theories and obtain information to go over the interior design in general. An introduction course that focuses on the general perspective before getting into the details.
IC552 Environmental Psychology & Behavior
Learn theories explaining relationships between physical environments and human psychology and behaviors. Provide a knowledge-base of the behavioral scientific theory for environmental design.
IC621 Facility Management and Design
Study theories and practical application methods for planning, designing, and managing the humanistic and functional office spaces and the facility environments.
IC627 Interior Design Studio I
Study the process of planing and designing the complex spaces based on the knowledge of the space composition theory, method, presentation techniques, and design factors. Focus on design exercises of housing space.
IC631 Interior Design Studio II
Study the process of planing and designing the complex spaces based on the knowledge of the space composition theory and method, presentation techniques, and design factors. Focus on design exercises of non-residential space.
IC651 Interior Space Planning
Study concrete theories and methods to plan interior spaces.
IC656 Lighting Design
A fundamental course in lighting and its interaction with visual and perception aesthetics.
IC667 Field Study of World Interiors
Enhance ability to understand space and space design through visiting and experiencing actual buildings and interiors in the world.
IC713 Design Marketing
Discuss the design process and the appropriate marketing strategy for a design product in order to have a successful design.
IC719 Contemporary Design Analysis
Understand the modern interior design, and study their relationships with socio-cultural backgrounds.
IC734 Advanced Design in Artificial Lighting
Have practices on living spaces based on fundamental knowledge about lighting design.
IC741 Design Thinking Studies I
Learn the concepts of design thinking theories approached from the scientific aspects. Understand the relationships between theory and practice, and introduce diverse interior design theories and design methods.
IC743 Visual Culture & Design
Provide a broad overview of critical approaches and methodologies for understanding and analyzing architecture and interior design.
IC752 Interior Architectural Planning
Study design process and methods to create interior spaces, in terms of architecture. Study the whole process from planning to construction.
IC754 Environment-Behavior Theory for Interior Design
Learn theories to explain relationships between man-made interior space environment and human behaviors. Through E-B theory, enhance professional perspective on knowledge based design in information era.
IC757 Special Projects in Interior Design III
Study interior design on special dwelling spaces such as multi-family collective housing, housing for the elderly, and housing for the handicapped, based on the relevant interior design theory with special needs.
IC815 Studies in Interior Design
Analyze research and design trends in the field of interior design or synthetically study the diverse background knowledge required for resolving specific interior design project.
IC854 Special Project in Interior Design IV
Study design projects in diverse areas such as office, education, medical, and culture spaces. Expand the experiential horizon of space creation and improve the expertise about the specific design cases.
IC855 History of Modern Interior Design
Study the historical development of contemporary interior spaces with the relation to aesthetic, cultural characteristics. Particularly focus on the organic relationships with architecture, furniture and living.
IC862 Research Methodology in Interior Design
Discuss diverse interior design research methodology based on behavior science. Analyze and criticize methods used in research cases of interior design field.