Housing & Interior Design°úPrograms in the Interior Architecture and Built Environment major provide students with an understanding of the social-cultural and physical components of the new environment, their impact on human life, and technical knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the requirements for entry-level professional positions. The educational aim of this major is produce professionals who can contribute to both academic research & practices with advanced knowledge to cope scientifically & creatively with various problems in the content of human & their physical environment. Graduates can work: in the design field, such as architecture offices, interior design firms, architecture and design-related departments within large enterprises, the furniture industry & showrooms, interior material-showrooms, and lightning companies, in the housing-related industry, such as the housing management industry, architectural design & construction companies, development companies, and the housing equipment & appliance industry, and in the mass-communications field, such as architectural, interior and housing magazines, broadcasting stations, newspapers, and publishing companies.


The department is actively involved in both education and research on Interior Architecture and Built Environment fields. These fields explore the relationships between human beings and living environments from the human ecologi8cal perspective. The fields also take integrated approaches to problems created in the process of planning, design, and management of the human living environments. Therefore, the department¡¯s pedagogical aim is to produce persons who can contribute to either academic research or professional fields. To do this, students should earn expertise and knowledge that allow them to scientifically and creatively cope with various problems in the human and living environments. Its alumni play a key role in diverse areas, such as housing industry and mass media and publication fields. The housing industry includes housing construction companies, architectural firms, interior design firms, housing facilities, management companies, furniture manufactures, interior building product firms, lighting companies, etc.