Curriculum : UnderGraduate Courses

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Explorer World of Designer
Elective Basic Design Basic Drawing, Introduction to Design, Design Trend, Design Materials , Color and Design, Basic Design Studio-3D, Computer Graphic Design, Fashion Illustration, Basic Design Studio-2D, Color and Culture, Design Management, Image Design, Fashion Accessory Design, Surface Design, History of Modern Design
Product Design Basic Product Design , Furniture Design, Household Utensils Design
Fashion Design Knit Design , Basic Fashion Design, Fashion Design Process, Digital Fashion Design, Fashion Design
Visual Design Editorial Design , Package Design , Typography, Visual Design
Theory of Design and Actual Practice in the Field of Design Integrated Design Studio, Display, Design Aesthetics, Design Internship, Visual Merchandising, Korean Aesthetics, Design Exhibition(1), Design Exhibition(2), Design Coordination, Multimedia Portfolio, Special Lecture on Art, Fashion Forecasting and Planning

World of Designer 3credits
Analyze works and management philosophies of designers who come into spotlight lately and understand their design methods.
Basic Drawing 3credits
Basic Drawing focuses on practicing creative expression to visualize designers thoughts and ideas. Basic theories on visualizing expression and delineation of human bodies and objects will be learned.
Introduction to Design (Theory of Design) 3credits
Concentrates primarily on the fundamental theories and features of each field of design, to understand design on a human basis.
Design Trend 3credits
Analyze and plan the characteristics of style and design trend about Mega Trend and life style according to the change of social culture.
Design Materials 3credits
A practical and theoretical course dealing with the understanding of the characteristics of useful materials in the relationships between materials and formative structures from the design process.
Color and Design 3credits
A course dealing with colors to improve the effective application through understanding color theory & practice in the various design fields.
Basic Design Studio-3D 3credits
This course is to practice the expression of variety of cubic forms and volume based on theories of cubic formative art.
Computer Graphic Design 3credits
Practice expressing and communicating designs visually and to understand the use of computer graphic tools
3D Digital Design 3credits
Learn method of 3 dimensional expression by using computer to express more realistically in the stage of idea sketch. Rhino, 3D Max, Photoshop will be used for this course.
Design and Media 3credits
Case studies on changes in technology and its influences on design, focusing on the mutual relationship between fields of design and technology.
Fashion Illustration 3credits
This course is to practice creative expression of fashion design based on techniques that are sensitively designed to distinctive characteristics of human bodies and material.
Basic Design Studio-2D 3credits
This course is to enhance the ability of shape formation using shape, colors, and sense of quality based on theories of modeling and principle of formation.
Color and Culture 3credits
This course is to explore Images and Symbols of color by understanding different cultural background and its application in various design fields.
Integrated Design Studio 3credits
This course is to introduce a total design project from brand naming and visual communication design to fashion design and product design through integrated design concept.
Knit Design 3credits
Obtain the method of knitting and design knitting which is planned as an important item of fashion.
Display 3credits
Introduction to the characteristic types of exhibition from small space exhibition to the huge. To practice a real display design workshop.
Design Management 3credits
Theoretical lecture for executing the effective design methodology on ideas from creating designs and analyzing case study such as the market survey and user's analysis.
Design Aesthetics 3credits
Is to enhance the ability to assess design with help of lecture focusing on concepts of aesthetics that are established by the social cultural background of the times.
Design Internship 3credits
This course is actual practice in the field of design to make connection between learning and practice.
Editorial Design 3credits
Practice design skills on letters, symbols, pictures, photographs, and other graphic components. Students also practice D.T.P. (Desk To Publishing) to learn editing processes.
Visual Merchandising 3credits
This is the process that includes merchandising, planning, developing, marketing, display in shops and providing products.
Image Design 3credits
Acquire basic knowledge in expressing real images through photographs or videos, and practice applying this to other fields of design.
Basic Product Design 3credits
This course to introduce a field of product design through a theory of design process and the practice of basic product design projects.
Furniture Design 3credits
Lecture for concrete characteristics and types in the furniture. To improve design ability for the new furniture, practicing in real workshops to form an understanding of the structures, types, and production methods.
Basic Fashion Design 3credits
This course is to practice fashion design that is based on creative formation and to understand concepts in design by learning principles and components of fashion design.
Fashion Design Process 3credits
This course is to practice fashion design that is appropriate to images of the time the methodology of fashion design process.
Fashion Accessory Design 3credits
This course is to learn basic knowledge about fashion accessories and to practice design using a variety of material that will coordinate fashion.
Package Design 3credits
Learn basic knowledge on packaging design, in which the functions are to preserve and protect the products as well as its transfer.
Surface Design 3credits
This course is to apply lectures and methods of types of decorative expression such as, silk screening, stencil, coloring, and printing to actual design.
Korean Aesthetics 3credits
This course is to apply modern design to Korean traditional aesthetics by analyzing the nature of Korean Aesthetics.
History of Modern Design 3credits
Study the history of 20th centuries' modern design and explore each field of design examples.
Typography 3credits
Understand the formation and functions of letters as part of the communication media: also o study fundamental theories and to make an application of these to each filed of design.
Design Exhibition(2) 3credits
Completion of the graduation project through the comprehensive approach to each of the design majors, and the practice of efficient display methods.
Design Exhibition(1) 3credits
This course is to prepare the graduation project through the comprehensive approach to different design areas such as visual design, fashion design, and product design.
Design Coordination 3credits
A Practical course for the coordination methods from processing the design notion with the various plastic characteristics and on unifying the specific environmental factors.
Digital Fashion Design 3credits
Obtain method of design sketches by using computers, image planning, and presentations and express creatively.
Multimedia Portfolio 3credits
Students will gather their works and organize them to make a portfolio using multimedia tools.
Visual Design 3credits
Understand visual communication design using all kinds of communication methods.
Household Utensils Design 3credits
A course dealing with practicing production design from the considering of human factor characteristics and lifestyle from tableware, living appliance, furniture, or lighting equipment, etc.
Special Lecture on Art 3credits
This course is to provide opportunity to discuss with special lecturers regarding their works of art and methodology. It will help to enhance creativity in art.
Fashion Design 3credits
This course is to practice fashion design based on a professional understanding of fashion design regarding lingerie, men's, kids, and sports wear.
Fashion Forecasting and Planning 3credits
This course is to practice with databases that compound analysis and the collection of world trends in various aspects such as, its color, material, and style. This will developed to fashion planning and visualization.
Design and Culture
There exists and inseparable relationship between design and culture in today's world. Culture evolves constantly through design while design calls for the continuous development of our environment and people's sentiment, far transcending its impact on practical aspects. Studying cultural phenomena will open the gate to understanding the contemporary society we live in.