Curriculum : Graduate School

IE501 Research Methodology 3credits
Analyze design research methods and discuss them using case studies, demonstrating how these methods are applied to design.
IE502 Design Seminar 1credit
This class is focused on topics of recent research trends and students are to give presentations and lead discussion.
IE601 Studies in Design Methodology 3credits
Study design methods and develop creativity through practicing design processes.
IE603 Color and Image 3credits
Understand the meaning and effects of color through psychological perception, historical changes, and cultural contexts.
IE604 Idea Generation and Presentation 3credits
Practice idea sketches and learn various methods of visual expression.
IE605 Studies in Design Culture 3credits
Understand the functions and importance of design from a cultural point of view.
IE606 Exhibition Planning and Design 3credits
Practice exhibition of design production.
IE610 Theory of Modern Design 3credits
Study of the design trends of Modernism and the characteristics of social cultures and analyze how they have changed.
IE611 Special Issues in Design Aesthetics 3credits
Study of theoretical background of aestheticsbased on philosophy and literature.
IE613 Individual Studies 2credits
Each student should decide the concept of his or her work and concentrate on it.
IE614 Special Topics in Visual Merchandising 3credits
Study on merchandising through practice of visualization and the processes of marketing.
IE618 Studies on Design Trends 3credits
Research on Mega trend and lifestyle by semiotic approach and forecast design trends.
IE630 Product Development and Planning 3credits
A theoretical lecture concerning developmental planning in the production cycle. This will be done by predicting whole managing courses such as planning, design, production sales, and using abolition.
IE631 Design Coordination 3credits
A fundamental lecture on design coordination concepts of integrated design planning.
IE633 Fashion Color Planning 3credits
Study of color theories concerning fashion color planning, psychological analysis, cultural contexts, and market changes.
IE635 Cyber Fashion 3credits
This course covers how cyber culture has affected fashion design and created cyber fashion work using various media.
IE636 Information Design 3credits
Study of visual expression and communication in information technology.
IE637 Studies in Visual Communication Design 3credits
Analyze expression methods of visual communication.
IE701 Special Issues in Product Environment Design 3credits
A practical product design course understanding correlation between the product and the human environment.
IE702 Studies in Consumer Product Design 3credits
Study design processes of merchandisinginterior appliances through workshop classes.
IE708 Environmental Color Planning 3credits
A practical course dealing with color theory based on case studies in production and interior and exterior environments using various design processing methods.
IE722 Studies in Furniture Design 3credits
A lecture examining the regional and periodic differences of furniture design by analyzing furniture characteristics including form, material, structure, and decoration.
IE741 Fashion Image Design 3credits
Analyze and interpret characteristic fashion images through style and coordination.
IE742 Fashion and Art 3credits
Study aesthetics and the characteristics of contemporary thought in the fashion and art industry and analyze the work of designers.
IE745 Studies in Fashion Accessory Design 3credits
Lectures on the theories and practices of making accessories with various kinds of material.
IE748 Special issues in Fashion Trend Forecasting and Planning 3credits
An analysis of fashion trends and planning as well as a study of fashion forecasting.
IE749 Special Topics in Fashion Design Process 3credits
Analyze ways to plan and produce fashion products efficiently based on fashion design process theories.
IE750 Special Issues in Fashion Design 3credits
Theoretical analysis and design research on the special issues in fashion design.
IE776 Visual Image and Language 3credits
Study visual language from a viewpoint of linguistics and the symbolism of visual communication.
IE777 Studies in Multimedia Design 3credits
Study visual expressions using multimediatools.
IE779 Studies in Visual Communication Method 3credits
Analyze and practice expression methods of visual communication design.
IE780 Media and Visualization 3credits
Analyze basic structures of visual language and understand the use of materials and tools to express formative arts.
IE782 Visual Image and Language 3credits
Studies in visual language based on symbolic meaning and artistic form.
IE784 Motion Graphics and Communications Design 3credits
Analyze visual communication methods using the mass media.
IE787 Visual Communication Design 3credits
Studies in the reconstruction of information and research methods of visual communication design.
IE798 Design Seminar 2 1credit
Review and discuss literature and articles based on the research theme.
IE801 Studies in Color and Culture 3credits
Discussion on the characteristics and application of colors through cultural and historical changes and study research on a special theme on color.
IE803 Special Issues in Plastic Arts 3credits
Case studies on the works of plastic arts from social, aesthetical, and philosophical aspects.
IE806 Special Topics in Integrated Design Project 3credits
Students will prepare an integrated design project using cooperative work in the product, fashion and visual design fields.
IE807 Design Management Research 3credits
Design management is an activity that derives a synergy effect from the combination of design and business that results in a rational but creative outcome. Research on how design management is utilized in the design industry.
IE808 Design Marketing Strategy 3credits
Research consumer needs from a designer's perspective. With the data, students will provide new products that reflect customers' needs and atisfaction. Research on design marketing concepts and methodologies that has derived from marketing studies.
IE809 Sensibility Engineering and Design 3credits
Study basic concept and processes of sensibility engineering in regard to human nature and how it can be used in the design process.
IE812 Design in Film 3credits
Theoretical analysis and research on the design elements in film based on beauty, historical background, and symbolism.
IE899 Directed Research 2 1credit
Review and discuss the special research theme.