Human Environment & DesignThe major of Human Environment and Design teaches creative design based on a design philosophy to enhance the quality of life. The educational aim of this major is to cultivate the ability of creators to perceive the aesthetic value and make it real in our life through various studio classes in the design theories of product, fashion, and visual communication. After graduating students can work as fashion designers, fashion jewelry designer, colorist, furniture designers, consumer product designers, product designer for children, visual designers, editorial designers, display artists, visual merchandisers, design coordinators, and design director.


The Human Environment and Design major educates students in fundamental theories and practices of design and also help students develop their creativity and planning skills as designers in very the filed of design. During their school years students are expected to explore three areas of design: product design, fashion design, visual design and integrate there area.

This major is based on a design philosophy that is extensively related to our daily lives. Students are trained in artistic, scientific and technical ways to become experts in various aspects of design. After graduation, students will be able to work in every design field, including product design, fashion design, visual design and design management as well as the Press. Many students work as furniture designers, fashion designers, accessory designers, colorists, interior product designers, design editors, displayers, visual merchandisers, graphic designers, web designers, design coordinators and design directors.