Curriculum : UnderGraduate Courses

subject courses
Explorer Apparel Industry and Fashion
Electives Textile Science/ Clothing Science Elementary Labs for Textile Science, Textile Materials and Industry, Fabric Dyeing, Textile Finishing and Advanced Materials, Apparel Materials and Performance, Clothing and Environment, Evaluation and Testing of Textile Materials, Fabric Construction and Design, Textile Material Developments and Planning, Textile Products and Consumer Protection, Care and Maintenance of Clothing, Functional Clothing and Materials,Clothing and Sensibility Science
Apparel Production System / Clothing Construction Clothing Construction, Introduction of Clothing Construction, Flat Pattern Design, Pattern Draping, Pattern Drafting and Fabrics, Clothing Construction by Draping, Fashion Business System, Apparel Production System, Apparel Pattern Design, Tailoring, Clothing Development by Age Group, Pattern CAD, Apparel Products Analysis
Fashion Planning / Design Fashion Products in Modern Culture, Creative Thinking and Fashion Planning, Practice of Fashion Planning
Fashion Marketing / Socio-Psychology of Clothing / Consumer Behavior Marketing Channel for Fashion Product, Psychology of Fashion and Apparel Industry, History of Western Costume, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Advertising and Promotion, Marketing Management for FashionBrand, History of Asian Costumes, Clothing and Human Behavior, Digital Fashion Management, International Marketing of Fashion Product, Consumer Behavior and Fashion

Textile Science

Apparel Industry and Fashion 3credits
This course introduces overall structure of apparel industry including textiles, design, construction and marketing perspectives and suggests the vision of the industry.
Elementary Labs for Textile Science 3credits
Labs will include principles of the fiber science with the emphasis on fiber chemical composition, physical structure and properties: analyses of gibers, yarns and fabric structures and their characterization: and fundamentals of coloration and finishing.
Fashion Products in Modern Culture 3credits
Exploration of meanings and values of fashion as a cultural indicator, by reviewing of the changes and issues in fashion under the influence of modern culture.
Textile Materials and Industry 3credits
An introductory course for the apparel industry with the emphasis on the role of textile materials such as fibers, yarns and fabrics.
Clothing Construction 3credits
A course for clothing construction and improving sewing techniques and methods for expression of creative designs.
Introduction of Clothing Construction 3credits
A course for basic pattern making and clothing construction principles through scientific somatotype observation, anthropometry and body function analyses.
Marketing Channel for Fashion Product 3credits
The theory related marketing channel a apparel products and supply channel management system. The current issue related to the logistics and marketing environment is discussed.
Psychology of Fashion and Apparel Industry 3credits
Analysis of factors influencing fashion change and acceptance: Application of fashion theories to fashion merchandising.
History of Western Costume 3credits
Analysis of apparel styles in relation to social, economic, technological and cultural context environment from recorded history to the present.
Fashion Marketing 3credits
Basic marketing principles, concepts, and practice utilized in the operation of fashion-oriented businesses.
Fabric Dyeing 3credits
A course dealing with dyeing and printing techniques for fabric design.
Textile Finishing and Advanced Materials 3credits
A course for finishing method and perfor-mance of advanced textile materials based on finishing principles of fibers and fabrics.
Flat Pattern Design 3credits
A course for basic pattern design utilizing body function and construction principles.
Functional Apparel Design
Apparel production system for functional design. Students learn pattern marking method and production properties for functional clothing.
Apparel Materials and Performance 3credits
A course dealing with the structure and property relationship of fibers, yarns and fabrics to predict end-use performance as apparel textiles.
Fashion Advertising and Promotion 3credits
This course gives students opportunities to learn of advertising & promotion theory and cases, to analyze advertising methods and trends, and to develop the advertisement and promotion strategy.
Expression Techniques for Development of Apparel Product Line
The aim of this course is to acquire the techniques needed to efficiently express important factors constructing apparel line.
Pattern Draping 3credits
Draping garments on full-size dress form: theory and fundamental skills of fitting and construction.
Pattern Drafting and Fabrics 3credits
Practical applications of fabrics with various thickness, weight, drapability and other mechanical properties onto pattern drafting.
Clothing and Environment 3credits
Clothing comfort related with interaction of three elements including human body, clothing and environment.
Clothing Construction by Draping 3credits
A Practical class to learn making garment using a dress form. Students learn a pattern making method, pattern draping.
Evaluation and Testing of Textile Materials 3credits
The lecture covers the evaluations of perfor-mance properties of fabrics and garments with emphasis on the quality control and product developments. Labs will introduce various test methods, data generation for analysis and evaluation.
Marketing Management for Fashion Brand 3credits
This course provides the learning of brand management theory and cases, and the practice of new brand launching plan and branding strategy.
History of Asian Costumes 3credits
A chronological study of Asian and Korean traditional costume from ancient times to the early 20th century.
Creative Thinking and Fashion Planning 3credits
Development of feasible fashion-concept founded on creative thinking: Application of the developed concept to fashion planning process.
Fashion Business System 3credits
A general but practical class to learn fashion business, in clothing, lectures, seminars, and visiting apparel firms.
Apparel Production System 3credits
A course provides students a holistic view of the apparel production system and discusses current issues related to apparel production system.
Clothing and Human Behavior 3credits
Exploration of the social-psychological and cultural aspects of clothing in relation to human behavior.
Fabric Construction and Design 3credits
A practical course dealing with principles of basic/applied fabric construction, and design method for weaving and knitting by use of CAD.
Textile Material Developments and Planning 3credits
Practical application of serviceability including appearance of yarns and fabrics for the fabrication. Procedures for consumer survey, sourcing, converting of fabrics, selection of fabrics from the domestic and international fabric shows etc. are included.
Textile Products and Consumer Protection 3credits
Process of developing and analyzing product standards as they relate to consumers, industry, and international trade.
Apparel Pattern Design 3credits
Students learn how to make a special design for dress, coat, pants. The class includes flat pattern making and sewing technologies.
Product Development for Sports Wear 3credits
A course for apparel production development. The basic theory related to various aspects needs for the developing sportswear are discussed.
Tailoring 3credits
Tailoring course dealing with costs and special clothing with special construction techniques.
Clothing Development by Age Group 3credits
The clothing need of femininity members will be studied in the perspective of manufactures and consumers.
Care and Maintenance of Clothing 3credits
Care and Maintenance of garments and textile products are discussed to put the right labeling as an apparel maker or merchandizer. Practices to minimize product claims and maximize consumer protection and green environment are included.
Digital Fashion Management 3credits
This course provides an intensive analysis of the internet fashion business through the theory and practice of fashion marketing. Through the projects, students implement internet business management and marketing research technique.
Functional Clothing and Materials 3credits
Emphases are on the required properties of functions and/or protections and the limitations of various functional clothing. The application and evaluation of thermal and tactile properties of functional fabrics for the physical, physiological and psychological comfort of human body are practiced.
International Marketing of Fashion Product 3credits
Focus on marketing management of inter-national fashion businesses. Examination of fashion products sourcing strategies, business and cultural environment, and financial transactions in the international marketplace.
Pattern CAD 3credits
Drafting patterns using pattern CAD system of factory scale. The attendance practices operating skill of pattern CAD attendance practice.
Practice of Fashion Planning 3credits
Acquisition of methods and skills required in each stage of professional fashion planning process in apparel industry: Including personal portfolio-work.
Apparel Products Analysis 3credits
A course for junior students to solve apparel quality problems of various apparel products including children, menĄŻs, womenĄŻs wear, sports wear, and under wear.
Internship 3credits
A course for students having practical experience at fashion and textile industry.
Consumer Behavior and Fashion 3credits
A study of environmental, individual, and social-psychologi8cla influences on behavior of consumers in the apparel consumption process.
Clothing and Sensibility Science 3credits
Most emotion from clothing is generated from the sensation of color, texture, olfactory, auditory and tactile. Therefore, we need to find out the perceptional mechanism of sensibility of clothing. Through the lecture about the emotion and sensational clothing which makes humanĄŻs emotion satisfy, we can achieve the new point of view for clothing.