Clothing & TextilesThe Clothing and Textiles Major emphasizes a holistic ecological approach of humans, clothing, and environment. The program focuses on the development of professional skills and knowledge of clothing construction, apparel production, textile sciences, fashion marketing, and social psychology of clothing, which will sustain students through career advancement in a global industry. Individuals are prepared for admission to graduate programs, for careers in business, industry (research, product development and evaluation, consumer services and marketing), and government agencies. Graduates may be employed as merchandisers, or retailers of apparel/textile industries, quality assurance managers, and magazine writers or editors.


The purpose of the Department of Clothing & Textile is training the expert who has professional knowledge for clothing environment and apparel or textile industry. Based on Textile Science, Apparel Production, Clothing Construction, Product Design, Fashion Marketing, the content of the subjects is analyzing the phenomenon of clothing environment. The graduates can be a fashion designer, pattern stylist, merchandiser, manager of technical department of apparel or textile company, product development specialist quality control specialist, the press and the publishing company, government department concerned clothing and textile.