Curriculum : UnderGraduate Courses

subject course
Elective Child Development Infant and Toddler Development, Guidance to Childrens Behavioral Problem, Psychological Testing of Children, Personality Development, Child Development, Adolescent Development, Obervation and Research of Child's Behavior, Mental Health
Family Counseling Introduction to the Family, Theory of Child Counseling, Family Relations, Play Therapy, Family Life Education, Child Welfare, Family Counseling, Relationship Development, Aging and Family, Gender and Family
Early Childhood Education Teach Methods of Early Child, Theory of Early Childhood Education, Music and Movement for Young Children, Guiding Social Development, Arts for Young Children, Parent Education, Multimedia and Child, Curriculum Early Education, Promoting Children's Creativity, Children' sLiterature, Nutrition for Children, Teaching Methods for Early Child, Administration and Management in Early Education, Child Care Practicum, Guiding Child's Play, Teaching Mathematics and Science for Young Children
Common Studies in Human Ecology, Research Methods in Child & Family, Field Work, Understanding of Child and Family

Understanding of Child and Family
The goal of his course is to enable to students to understand Child and Family Studies. Focuses on major topics in child development, historical perspectives on childhood, the historical changes, and the diversities of family structure and processes between cultures.
Infant and Toddler Development 3credits
The characteristics, principles, and theories of physical and mental development from the fetal period to infancy are discussed.
Theory of Early Childhood Education 3credits
The course provides an understanding of the background of early education, construction of various types of curriculum, and basic principles and theories in teaching methods.
Introduction to the Family 3credits
Family structures, functions, and roles are examined from the cultural comparative standpoint with emphasis on basis research in these areas.
Music and Movement for Young Children 3credits
This course treats theories and practices of music and movement education to enhance children's creative expression.
Guiding Social Development
Theories, teaching methods, and programs are treated to enhance children's positive self-perception and social interaction. This course is based on theories related to children's social and emotional development.
Arts for Young Children 3credits
This course is designed to help developing creative arts expression. Focus on an examination of theories and practices in arts education
Guidance to Children's Behavioral Problem 3credits
Children's problematic behaviors are analyzed based on theories of developmental psychology. Focus on applications but includes familiarization with research.
Theory of Child Counseling 3credits
Knowledge of theories, processes, and techniques of counseling are applied to the diagnosis and treatment of children's problems.
Psychological Testing of Children 3credits
Principles and methods of psychological testing are studied to grasp individual differences and assess psychological development of children.
Teaching Mathematics and Science for Young Children
This course defines basic cognitive processes and treats practices of early mathematic and scientific education.
Guiding Child's Play
Theories of play related to children's social, emotional and physical development are studied. Emphasis on the role of the teacher and play materials.
Family Relations 3credits
Theories of family interaction including marital and parent-child relationships are examined. Particular emphasis is given to problems and issues in contemporary Korean families.
Children's Literature
Integrated language arts instruction in early childhood curriculum is explored with wide reading of outstanding children's literature. New materials in contemporary child care settings are developed.
Teaching Methods of Young Children
Through planned filed training out child center, curriculum principles and effective techniques are applied.
Relationship Development
A developmental approach is focused to study close relationships are covered including relationships of couples and friendships.
Personality Development 3credits
Factors in developmental trends and measurement methods are considered in relation with theories of personality.
Parent Education 3credits
The content of parent education is discussed in terms of the knowledge and skills in child rearing and mass communication, group discussion, parent participation are treated as its educational methods.
Play Therapy 3credits
Children's problems are understood based on child development and counseling theories and play therapy techniques are used to solve these problems.
Promoting Children's Creativity
The Course is focused on development of creativity for young children. Understanding of its theories and developing how to support the critical thinking process are learned.
Nutrition for Children
The focus of this course is on the appropriate nutritional needs for children as individuals as well as groups and on professional support and social policies for child's nutrition.
Multimedia and Child 3credits
This course will deal with the theories and practices of diverse multimedia which is related with home and educational field such as TV programs, Video, CD-Rom, and internet.
Child Development 3credits
The characteristics, principles and theories of physical, mental, social, and personality development from infancy to late childhood are discussed.
Curriculum Early Education 3credits
The plan and management of education facilities, goals of learning, selection and organization of content, teaching methods, and the teacher's role in various theories of early childhood education are discussed.
Observation and Research of Child's Behavior
Group and individual children's behavior is observed in many settings in order to develop observational skills, and to understand children's behaviors and development.
Adolescent Development 3credits
The development of psychological characteristics such as emotion, soma, cognition and sociality of adolescence are examined and treated with respect to major problem areas and research contention.
Teaching Methods for Early Child 3credits
Teaching strategies and developmentally appropriated materials in early childhood curriculum are considered with classroom participation.
Family Life Education 3credits
This course will introduce intrinsic attribution of family life education, development and assessment for family lfie education programs, and diverse practical programs.
Mental Health
This course is designed to provide an introduction to multidisciplinary approaches to mental health including mental delay, resistance, dietary disorder, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, depression, suicide, anxiety disorder, as well as schizophrenia. The phenomena, causes and preventions of all symptoms.
Administration and Management in Early Education 3credits
The foundation, organization and management of early education facilities and their principles and practices are treated. The effective management of human and material resources are focused.
Studies in Human Ecology 3credits
The current research issues on human development are discussed through the life-span approach and ecological perspectives.
Gender and Family
This course reviews changes in Korean families. Emphasis is placed on the marriage rituals, husband and wife relationships, child rearing practices, and descent system.
Research Methods in Child & Family 3credits
Various research methods in child development and family studies are introduced. To enhance students' ability to understand scientific inquiry, these methods are applied to actual questions.
Child Welfare 3credits
Child social policies are examined and those of other countries are compared including child care, child welfare, and family policy. Effects of welfare policies on child and family life will be discussed.
Field Work 3credits
To increase students' practical understanding of fields on their specialization field practice is provided where child development and family relations are related.
Child Care Practicum 3credits
The course is designed for being qualified for caregiver certification working with young children in child care center will help to be a prepared a professional caregiver who combined theories and practices.
Aging and Family
The development of psychological characteristics such as emotion, cognition, and socialization of elderly are examined and major problem areas and research content are treated.
Family Counseling 3credits
The course is focus on the understanding and assessing family difficulties and problems which is based on family therapy. Various therapeutic techniques and used to solve these problems.