Curriculum : Graduate School

subject courses
Research Methodology Advanced Statistics, Research Methods in Child Development, Observational Research Methods, Survey Research, Assessment in Child Development, Individual Study I, II, III(Master/ Doctor), Qualitative Research Methods, Seminar in Child and Family Studies I, II, III, Directed Research I, II, Experimental Design, Seminar in Statistical Analysis, Psychological Testing of Young Children,, Internship in Child and Family Studies
Family Studies Work and Family, History of Korean Family, Family Theories I, II, Parent-Child Relationships, Human Sexuality, Family Life Education, Social Psychology of Close Relationships, Family Stress and Coping, Topics in Family Relationships, Research on Family Issues, Men in Families, Topics in Family Policy, Families in Mid-Life, Families in Later-Life, Divorce and Remarriage, Seminar on Family Research, Seminar on Family Human Ecology
Early Childhood Education Comparative Early Education, Curriculum Theories in Early Education, Theories of Child's Play, Topics in Child Welfare, Advanced Studies on Special Education, Philosophical Foundations in Early Education, Theories of Parent Education, Studies on Language in Early Education, Studies on Arts for Young Children, Studies on Music and Movement for Young Children, Studies on Multimedia Education for Young Children, Theories and Practices of Instruction in Early Education, Educational Intervention Programs for Infant and Toddler, Creativity Education for Young Children, Language Intervention Program for Children and Families, Administration and Social Policy in Early Education, Infant-Toddler Programs, Research on Education Programs for Young Children, Topics in Cognitive Development and Early Education, Studies on Guiding Children's Socio-Emotional Development, Evaluation of Early Education Programs
Counseling Solution-Focused Family Therapy, Experimental Family Therapy, Theories of Family Therapy I, II, Couple Therapy, Group Therapy, Clinical Practicum in Family Therapy, Theories and Practice in Child Counseling, Play Therapy, Cognitive and Behavior Therapy, Family of Origin Counseling and Counseling Ethics, Seminar on Family Therapy, Topics in Family Counseling, Advanced Clinical Practicum in Family Therapy, Seminar on Organization and Management in Counseling, Arts Therapy, Seminar on Child Counseling, Clinical Practicum in Child Counseling, Structural and Strategic Family Therapy, Divorce Counseling, Child Psychopathology
Child Development Infant and Toddler Development, Theories in Human Development, Studies on Peer Relations, Development of Emotion, Theories of Personality, Advanced Cognitive Development, Language Development, Social and Personality Development, Theories and Practicum on Mental Health, Attachment:Theory and Research, Social Cognition, Adulthood and Aging, Adolescent Psychology, Seminar on Human Development, Personality Assessment, Seminar on Language Development, Seminar on Personality, Seminar on Atypical Development, Theories and Research on Perception, Research on Learning and Memory

Research Methodology

ID501 Advanced Statistics
Statical methods such as tests of significance, special correlations, and multiple regressions are introduced with computer analysis programs to enhance students' ability analyzing data for their these.
ID504 Research Methods in Child Development
Various research methods in child development are introduced, with emphasis on the understanding of basic principles of research design and their applications.
ID601 Observational Research Methods
Various observational research methods in child and family studies are introduced and applied to the specific research questions.
ID602 Survey Research
Research design, sampling, and methods for data collection are introduced, and applications for conducting a survey in child and family areas are discussed.
ID632 Assessment in Child Development
Measurement theories and various psychological tests for young children are dealt with to enhance abilities to assess psychological development of children.
ID651, 652, 653 Individual Study I, II, III (Master's Degree)
Individualized reading and study focusing on specific topics.
ID654 Qualitative Research Methods
Qualitative methods and related theory commonly used by researchers in human development and family studies.
ID681, 682, 683 Seminar in Child and Family Studies I, II, III
Focusing on specific topics.
ID699 Directed Research I, II
Individualized investigation of a specific topic.
ID705 Experimental Design
Basic principles and major types of experimental designs are studied, including multivariate ANOVA, repeated measurements design, and split-plot design.
ID706 Seminar in Statistical Analysis
Recent statistical methods, such as regression analysis, path analysis, structural equation modeling, and factor analysis are reviewed and applied to actual data.
ID851, 852, 853 Individual Study I, II, III (Doctoral Degree)
Individualized reading and study focusing on specific topics.
ID861 Psychological Testing of Young Children
Test construction process in a specific area is followed with discussion on measurement theory and application.
ID882 Internship in Child and Family Studies
Guieded experiences in childcare center, kindergarten, or other organizations under supervision of a graduate faculty member.

Family Studies

ID515 Work and Family
Examination of the relation between the family and the economy. Focuses on theoretical explanations, historical trends, and contemporary patterns of labor allocation and family relationship.
ID516 History of Korean Family
Historical overview of changes in the Korean family and examination of links between families and their social environments.
ID518 Family Theories I
Introduction to the application of concepts and theories in family studies.
ID742 Family Theories II
An advanced course which deals with mid-range theories and research examples relevant to families.
ID534 Parent-Child Relationships
Designed to study theories and researches on parent-child interaction through in-depth reading, discussion, presentation and writing of critiques.
ID550 Human Sexuality
Deals with behavioral, biological, and psychological aspects of human sexuality within the social context of family, culture, and society.
ID551 Family Life Education
Identification and examination of the theoretical approaches concerning family life education; emphasis on developing special programs for Korean families.
ID552 Social Psychology of Close Relationships
Examines the formation, maintenance and dissolution of premarital and marital relationships. Emphasis on relationship processes including attraction, love, intimacy, power and commitment.
ID553 Family Stress and Coping
Theories of stress and coping from sociological, psychological, and biosocial perspectives. Deals with family functioning and child development issues in relation to normative and non-normative stress.
ID611 Topics in Family Relationships
Special topics on family relationships and current issues are reviewed and discussed.
ID641 Research on Family Issues
Deals with issues and problems in the fields of family relations and human development.
ID661 Men in Families
Review of current issues in men within the context of the family and the work spheres.
ID715 Topics in Family Policy
Deals with the effect of legislative policy on the family. Focuses on the comparison of explicit and implicit family policies in other nations.
ID716 Families in Mid-Life
A multidisciplinary study of middle-aged families with special focus on the relationships of mild-life parents with their offspring and with their own aging parents.
ID717 Families in Later-Life
Theories and research related to personal and family adjustment in later life affecting the slderly and their inter-generational relationships.
ID743 Divorce and Remarriage
Analysis of research and theory pertaining to the process of marital dissolution, adjustment and remarriage.
ID815 Seminar on Family Research
Review, interpretation, and evaluation of current literature and research on family area.
ID883 Seminar on Family Human Ecology
Specific topics in human development are reviewed and discussed from Human Ecological perspective.

Early Childhood Education

ID524 Comparative Early Education
Comparative perspectives on historical aspects, current issue, policies, and practices of early care and education in developed countries.
ID525 Curriculum Theories in Early Education
Early childhood curriculum and curriculum theories are analyzed from a critical perspective.
ID535 Theories of Child's Play
Focuses on various theories of child's play, dramatic play, social play, constructive play and toys.
ID544 Topics in Child Welfare
Issues in child welfare will be studied and discussed.
ID622 Advanced Studies on Special Education
Understanding the traits and causes of special children. Research for special education programs and the prevention of disabilities.
ID623 Philosophical Foundations in Early Education
Comparative and critical examination of the philosophical foundations thet influence the theories and the practice of early childhood education.
ID624 Theories of Parent Education
Based on the understanding of concepts and theories of parent education, various parent education models are to be investigated, compared, and developed.
ID629 Studies on Language in Early Education
Review of current theories of spoken and written language acquisition and learning. Connections will be made between research, theory, and practice.
ID638 Studies on Arts for Young Children
Explores theories and practices of art education for young children. Analysis of contemporary research and examination of related issues.
ID640 Studies on Music and Movement for Young Children
Focuses on the theories and practices of music and movement education for young children. The analysis of recent research and relevant issues are also dealt with.
ID659 Studies on Multimedia Education for Young Children
Critical analysis of current theories, teaching srateges, and issues of using multimedia methods for young children.
ID660 Theories and Practices of Instruction in Early Education
ID865 Educational Intervention Programs for Infant and Toddler
Exploration of design and issues of educational intervention programs for at-risk infants and toddlers.
ID866 Creativity Education for Young Children
Exploration of current theory of creativity, and Analysis of educational programs for creative development.
ID867 Language Intervention Program for Children and Families
Review of educational intervention programs for reading difficulties. Exploration of appropriate language instruction and assessment for young children.
ID868 Administration and Social Policy in Early Education
Theories of administration are studied in connection with the practices of early childhood education. Discusses issues on social policy of early education.
ID723 Infant-Toddler Programs
Theories and researches of programs for infants and toddlers are revoewed. A model program for infants and toddlers is developed.
ID725 Research on Education Programs for Young Children
Educational programs for young children in various countries are reviewed and compared.
ID740 Topics in Cognitive Development and Early Education
Explores theories of cognitive education for young children. Analyzes and discusses the results of contemporary studies.
ID741 Studies on Guiding Children's Socio-Emotional Development
Explores theories, recent research and practices on guiding children's social and emotional development.
ID821 Evaluation of Early Education Programs
Major evaluation methods are reviewed, and recent articles on evaluation research are examined.


ID514 Solution-Focused Family Therapy
Introduces a brief solution-focused family therapy model, which focuses on finding resources for the clients rather than finding reasons for the problems. Practicing various problem-solving techniques enables students to be more effective in their intervention of their clients' problems.
ID520 Experimental Family Therapy
By learning and practicing theories and technique of Satir's experiential family therapy, students not only grow personally but also gain skills to help clients.
ID543 Theories of Family Therapy I
Students learn theories and techniques of selected family therapy models and practice various therapeutic techniques to solve the clients' problems.
ID545 Theories of Family Therapy II
Students understand and study selected theories of family therapy and develop a therapy model of own so that one can use it competently.
ID642 Couple Therapy
Students learn theorise about couples and relationships between couples in family context and develop counseling techniques to solve couples' relationship problems.
ID643 Group Therapy
Students learn specific group processes, procedures, and various intervention techniques which help not only to solve individual's problems but also to change group dynamics in a positive way.
ID647 Clinical Practicum in Family Therapy
Students experience and practice ex tensive problem-solving methods as they use theories and techniques of family counseling in various clinical settings.
ID655 Theories and Practice in Child counseling
Knowledge of theories, processes, and techniques of child counseling are applied to the diagnosis and treatment of children's problems.
ID656 Play Therapy
Theories and practices of play therapy are understood and used to solve children's problems in the context of family life cycle.
ID657 Cognitive and Behavior Therapy
Through in-depth learning of cognitive and behavior therapy mode, students are expected to apply the model in dealing and solving ons's problems.
ID658 Family of Origin counseling and counseling Ethics
Facilitates counselors' awareness and understanding of their families of origin as well as enhances their abilities to help the clients more effectively.
ID843 Seminar on Family Therapy
This seminar provides the student with an in-depth understanding of the applications of family counseling theories through analysis of family therapy related research.
ID850 Topics in Family Counseling
Students understand, analyze, and discuss current issues about theories and practices in family counseling.
ID854 Advanced Clinical Practicum in Family Therapy
This practicum provides opportunities for students to use theories and techniques of advanced family counseling in clinical fields, and to enhance therapeutic techniques through discussion of relevant issues.
ID857 Seminar on Organization and Management in Counseling
Examines procedures and issues that need to be considered in setting up and managing a counseling institute.
ID859 Arts Therapy
While studying a variety of approaches and theories of art and music therapy, students learn to apply art and music therapy techniques to solve the clients' problems.
ID860 Seminar on Child Counseling
This seminar intensively examines and discusses selected topics and issues in child counseling theories and practices.
ID861 Clinical Practicum in Child Counseling
This practicum provides opportunities for students not only to discuss and diagnose children's problems in clinical fields, but also to apply therapeutic techniques in solving such problems.
ID862 Structural and Strategic Family Therapy
Students learn theories and techniques of structural and strategic family therapy and practice these techniques to be more effective in problem-solving.
ID863 Divorce counseling
Explores various issues related to divorce processes and intends to help all the concerned in making the best decisions for themselves.

Child Development

ID536 Child Psychopathology
The etiology, symptomatology, and prophylaxis of mental disorders in children are reviewed and discussed.
ID538 Infant and Toddler Development
Theoties and research on infants' perception, emotion, attachment, temperament, cognition, language, early interaction, and infant care are discussed.
ID539 Theories in Human Development
Disparate theoretical approaches to human development from classic to recent theories. Explanation, understanding, and prediction of human behaviors in developmental perspectives are emphasized.
ID625 Studies on Peer Relations
Investinates developmental issues of peer relationships of children and youth. Theories and research on peer competence, quality of peer relationships, peer status, peer comflicts, peer harassment, relationships of family-school-peer will be discussed.
ID631 Development of Emotion
Theories and characteristics of emotional development are reviewed.
ID633 Theories of Personality
Theories and diverse approaches to personality are reviewed and discussed.
ID634 Advanced Cognitive Development
Current researches and theories of cognitive development are reviewed and discussed.
ID635 Language Development
The physiological basis of theories and researches on language development, such as language structure, grammar, semantics, and the communication process are discussed.
ID636 Social and Personality Development
Theories and research on social and personality development through adolescents. Topics include attachment, aggression, pro-social behaviors, achievement, sex-role development, and peer relations. Familial and extra familial influences in social and personality development are discussed.
ID639 Theories and Practicum on Mental Health
ID864 Attachment:Theory and Research
Theories of attachment are intensively reviewed and various research methods to study attachment are examined and practiced.
ID732 Social Cognition
Knowledge about emotions, perceptions, personal attributes, causes of behavior, child's theory of mind and understanding social relationships are discussed.
ID733 Adulthood and Aging
Changes in physical conditions, cognition, emotion, personality and maintaining physical and mental health in adulthood and in old age are examined and discussed.
ID735 Adolescent Psychology
Psychological characteristics and current researches on adolescents are reviewed and discussed.
ID738 Seminar on Human Development
ID803 Personality Assessment
Methods and principles of psychological tests, especially with projective techniques are discussed and analyzed to diagnose the personality of children and adolescent.
ID812 Seminar on Language Development
ID813 Seminar on Personality
Current theoretical and research issues on personality are reviewed and discussed. An intensive course.
ID814 Seminar on Atypical Development
The etiology, treatment and prophylaxis of atypical psychological development are analuzed and discussed. An intensive course.
ID836 Theories and Research on Perception
Theories and research issues on perception are studied and carried out in experiments.
ID837 Research on Learning and Memory
Theories and research issues on factors of learning and memory are discussed.