Child & Family StudiesChild & Family Studies major provides substantive and organizational structure for programs in which interrelationships among individuals, families, educational settings and the near social environment play a significant role. Child & Family Studies deals with life-long development of individuals and families from human ecological perspectives. Characteristics and major issues in each developmental stage (infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle ages, and old ages) are explored in depth. Students are able to study, observe, and assist in teaching young children in the laboratories. Courses in family Studies focus on the dynamics of and the changes in human relations in the family. Graduates of The Child & Family Studies have been recruited as kindergarten teachers, caregivers as teacher, developmental psychologists, child & family welfare workers, researchers in academic institutes, counselors, and professionals in various areas.


In March 1973, an independent department called The Child and Family Studies was established, being first in the country. In 1977 and 1981 the master's and doctoral programs became an addition to the department, respectedly. In a short period of time the department has grown rapidly, having 93 among our graduates who have received doctorate degrees in and out of the country presently in 2006. Our major focuses on educating leaders with theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills through systematic field training, which our continuingly diversifying society requires.


Among the fields our graduates have entered are as follows: related fields of study, child development and educational research institutes or social welfare organizations, early childhood education executive, administration or teaching, child care institutes, child counselling, children related industries (magazines for children, outdoor playgrounds, toys, children's clothing, children's food industries, children's furniture, children's books etc.), the mass media (producers, journalists, writers). Our current society being information-oriented, an increasing number of our graduates are working on developing softwares, animations and internet sites related to children and family, as well as producing stationery for children. We also anticipate our male students to make an entrance in these fields.


Our undergraduate students can acquire a license to teach at a kindergarten issued by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development. The license may be obtained upon application at the end of the second year at the department's administrative office. Applicants are required to earn 20 additional credits by taking a teacher training course. Also, by completing child care related courses and field training, a license to be a nursery teacher is issued by the Ministry of Gender Equlity.


A study group called SOCAF(Study of child And Family) is comprised of and run by the juniors are seniors where they read and debate about child and family related publications.